Pool Safety Repairs

Pool safety repairs

No pool owner likes to receive a nonconformity notice for the pool, nor have a pool that they aren’t allowed to swim in. But don’t worry, not all pools are in need of massive repairs or replacements to barrier fences.

Often it can be just a matter of replacing pool gate hinges, updating a CPR sign, cutting some tree branches back, fixing a wobbly post, moving a table, a pot plant or putting 300mm of capping on a boundary fence. It’s easy if you know and simpler if your (PSI) is licenced for repairs.

As Licenced builders and Pool Safety Inspectors, we can offer you the simplicity of not having to search for a builder for repairs and then back to a Pool Safety Inspector again. We may be able to get your pool compliant straight away. So you can just get on with the fun things in life…. Like swimming!

We are happy to help you with repairs knowing exactly what may be required after conducting your initial inspection and keep any repair costs low and reduce call-out fees. Give us a call. We make sense so you save dollars!


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We make sense so you save dollars

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