Pool Safety Inspection

When do you need an inspection?

As a pool owner, you are responsible for your own pool safe access, safety barriers and the ongoing maintenance of the pool areas.

Though, with Queensland’s new legislations your pool/s will require by law to be inspected and comply with the new rules by a licenced Pool Safety Inspector (PSI).

Under the new laws, a pool owner is required to contract a (PSI) to have their pool complied and certified….

* before the sale of a property (compliance valid for 2 years)

* before the rental or lease of a property (compliance valid for 1 year)

* before the change of each tenant or rental agreement (compliance valid for 1 year)

* after the repair of an existing pool safety barrier, fence or gate which includes no more than 2.4mtrs or 2 posts of the repair area by a pool owner (if the only part of the building code that applies to the work is the pool safety standard) and providing that the owner engages a pool safety inspector (PSI) to assess beforehand.


NOTE: Under the current legislation, a pool owner who engages a (PSI) and is issued a non-conformity notice for a non-compliant pool, is not permitted to engage an alternative (PSI) to reinspect their pool after repairs are completed within 3 months of a nonconformity notice being given without written approval from the Pool Safety Council. This restriction is intended to prevent the pool owner from ‘shopping around’ for a pool safety inspector.



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